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Seattle Airport Parking Guide

17801 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98158

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airports is the biggest airport in Washington state. Also known as Sea-Tac, the airport served nearly 47 million passengers in 2017. It’s no exaggeration to say the airport can get busy. Knowing the ins and outs of SEA parking will not only save you time and money when traveling through, but it’ll make your travels so much smoother. Whether you’re wondering about where to park at SEA or the ridesharing regulations, you’ll find everything you need here.

Seattle Airport Parking Lot Options

You won’t have to search far to find good SEA parking deals. Off airport parking near SEA offer some of the cheapest rates for SeaTac parking, and there’s a variety to choose from to suit your exact preferences. You don’t have to search too far to find the best parking deals. We’ve pooled together some of the top-rated lots for you.

Park N Jet Lot - 1: With an exterior fence and 24/7 access to your vehicle, this lot offers convenient and cheap parking. Car care services are available and they offer uncovered valet parking for travelers.

Price: from $6.79/day
Distance from airport: 1.9 miles
Address: 18220 8th AVE S, Seatac, Washington, US 98148

Extra Car Airport Parking: Your car will be parked by a valet in an uncovered parking space during your trip. The lot has an exterior fence surrounding it and security cameras surveying the premises at all times. Need access to your car late at night? The lot is open 24/7 and the SEA airport shuttle service is free and available 24/7 as well.

Price: from $8.99/day
Distance from airport: 1.2 miles
Address: 16300 International Blvd., Seattle, Washington, US 98188

DoubleTree Seattle Airport: The shuttle stops at the DoubleTree every 20 minutes to pick passengers up throughout the day. With handicap-accessible, uncovered self parking spaces, this lot is convenient for airport travelers.

Price: from $8.95/day
Distance from airport: 2.0 miles
Address: 18740 International Boulevard, Seattle, Washington, US 98188

Towne Park - Seattle Marriott: Not sure if you prefer valet or self parking? This lot offers both in their outdoor parking lot. They also have a shuttle that comes around to pick passengers up every 15 minutes. The lot is accessible 24/7.

Price: from $6.99/day
Distance from airport: 1.7 miles
Address: 3201 South 176th Street, SeaTac, Washington, US 98188

Skyway Inn Airport Parking: This lot is open and your car is accessible at all hours. Their uncovered valet parking reservations include free luggage assistance and an SEA airport shuttle 24/7.

Price: from $4.99/day
Distance from airport: 2.5 miles
Address: 20045 International Blvd., SeaTac, Washington, US 98198

Park N Jet Lot - 2 : The parking available at this lot is outdoor with the option of self parking or valet parking. There’s an exterior fence around the location. The shuttle is available day and night, and your car is also accessible day and night.

Price: from $/day
Distance from airport: 3.6 miles
Address: 1244 S 140th St, Seattle, Washington, US 98168

WallyPark Premier Airport Parking Garage: With the ultimate list of options, WallyPark offers uncovered self parking, covered self parking and covered valet parking. They also offer car wash services so your car will be gleaming when you come back. The shuttle runs every 5 minutes 24/7.

Price: from $13.95/day
Distance from airport: 2.9 miles
Address: 18613 International Blvd, Seattle, Washington, US 98188

Hilton Seattle Airport Conference Center: Not only is this lot handicap-accessible, but it is also 24/7-accessible. No need to fear losing access to your car. The spaces offered at this lot are indoor valet parking spaces. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes to the airport during the day and on demand between 1-4 in the morning.

Price: from $10.95/day
Distance from airport: 0.5 miles
Address: 17620 International Boulevard, Seattle, Washington, US 98188

Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport: This lot is so close to the airport that you can actually walk to the airport, about 10 minutes away on foot. There is a shuttle for those who don’t wish to walk. It’s free and accessible every 20 minutes, 24/7. The parking spaces are outdoor, handicap-accessible self parking spaces.

Price: from $7.95/day
Distance from airport: 0.5 miles
Address: 17338 International Blvd, Seattle, Washington, US 98188

WallyPark Airport Parking Self-Park (Malmberg): You can get your car washed while you’re on your trip at WallyPark. They’re open 24/7 and offer shuttles to the airport every 5 minutes. The parking spaces are outdoor self parking spaces, and they also offer free luggage assistance.

Price: from $8.95/day
Distance from airport: 2.8 miles
Address: 2803 S. 188th St, Seatac, Washington, US 98188

WallyPark Airport Parking Valet (Boysen): No need to wrestle with your bags in and out of the car at this outdoor airport parking lot. Not only can you valet your car here, but there’s also complimentary luggage assistance. Need a car wash? They offer car wash services as well as a free shuttle service to SeaTac.

Price: from $10.95/day
Distance from airport: 1.2 miles
Address: 17808 International Blvd, Seatac, Washington, US 98188

Jiffy Airport Parking Seattle: You have the option of parking your car or valeting it at this open parking lot by the SeaTac airport. They offer car care services and car wash services for your car while you’re away. Their shuttle runs 24/7, so no need to stress about getting to the airport late at night.

Price: from $7.99/day
Distance from airport: 2.0 miles
Address: 18836 International Blvd, SeaTac, Washington, US 98188

Americas Best Value Airport Inn: Need to park your car but the airport prices seem unnecessarily high? You can park your car at this uncovered lot with valet and self park options. It’s open 24/7 and the airport shuttle is free and includes luggage assistance. The airport shuttle runs every 30 minutes.

Price: from $5.99/day
Distance from airport: 3.9 miles
Address: 20620 International Blvd, Seatac, Washington, US 98198

Aeroparking: The uncovered self parking lots at Aeropark are perfect to leave your car for a quick trip away or a long vacation. It’s accessible 24/7 so it doesn’t matter what time you land at the airport, you won’t be stranded car-less!

Price: from $8.95/day
Distance from airport: 3.6 miles
Address: 2612 S 208th St, Seatac, Washington, US 98198

Embassy Suites Seattle Tacoma Airport: The shuttle runs every 10-15 minutes from this uncovered self parking lot. It’s also handicap-accessible and secured by a security camera on the premises. Your car and the lot are accessible at all hours.

Price: from $8.00/day
Distance from airport: 4.7 miles
Address: 15920 West Valley Highway, Tukwila, Washington, US 98188

Park N Fly: Only one block away from the Seattle-Tacoma airport, this budget airport parking lot offers uncovered valet parking. The lot is accessible 24/7 and has security cameras to ensure the safety of your car. Your reservation includes a free on-demand shuttle to SeaTac.

Price: from $14.95/day
Distance from airport: 1.6 miles
Address: 17400 International Blvd., Seattle, Washington, US 98188

SeaTac Park: You won’t have to plan around parking lot hours and shuttle hours with this lot. Your car and the free shuttle are both accessible 24/7. The parking available here are uncovered self parking spaces surrounded by an exterior fence and security cameras.

Price: from $12.95/day
Distance from airport: 1.5 miles
Address: 2701 S. 200th Street, Seattle, Washington, US 98198

Rodeway Parking: Flying light with no baggage to check in? No need to wait for a shuttle at this lot! It’s a short 10-minute walk to SeaTac airport. If you want to hop on a shuttle, that’s also available between 5 a.m. and midnight. The lot is secured with security cameras and an exterior fence, and you can park your car in the uncovered self parking spaces.

Price: from $9.00/day
Distance from airport: 1.5 miles
Address: 2930 S 176th St, Seatac, Washington, US 98188

Seattle Airport Valet Parking: This cheap parking lot is near the Seattle airport and open 24/7. They offer uncovered valet parking that is also handicap-accessible. If you’re needing some car work done while you’re gone, you’re in luck. They offer car care, car wash and car detailing services. They even have an airport shuttle that runs every 5 minutes so you’ll never be left waiting long.

Price: from $5.99/day
Distance from airport: 2.2 miles
Address: 21104 International Blvd., SeaTac, Washington, US 98198

Seatac Crest Motor Inn: Need to get to Seattle from the lot? The shuttle provided at this lot can take you to the airport or the airport’s light rail terminal. The parking available is uncovered valet parking, and it’s secured with cameras and an exterior fence. It’s also open 24/7, so you’ll never be locked out of the lot.

Price: from $6.99/day
Distance from airport: 2.3 miles
Address: 18845 Pacific Hwy South, Seattle, Washington, US 98188

Econo Lodge SeaTac Airport North: This outdoor valet parking lot has a free shuttle service to the SEA airport. The shuttle runs 24/7, and you have the added safety of security cameras on the premises. You won’t have to worry about a lack of supervision, as the lot is also accessible and open 24/7.  
Price: from $9.99/day
Distance from airport: 2.8 miles
Address: 13910 International Blvd, Seattle, Washington, US 98168

Sea-Tac Airport Value Parking: Handicap-accessible and guarded with an exterior fence, this lot offers uncovered self parking. There is also a shuttle that runs on demand from 4 a.m. to midnight. If you have a lot of luggage you’ll be glad to hear that the shuttle service also includes free luggage assistance!

Price: from $5.99/day
Distance from airport: 4.0 miles
Address: 22246 Pacific Hwy S, Des Moines, Washington, US 98198

Seatac Airport Valet: Need a place to keep your car that’s affordable and safe? Not only does Seatac Airport Valet offer uncovered valet parking, but they also have security cameras throughout the premises. They also offer a car wash service and a shuttle service that runs 24/7. The lot is handicap accessible and open 4 a.m. until midnight.

Price: from $5.95/day
Distance from airport: 2.5 miles
Address: 19820 International Blvd, Seatac, Washington, US 98188

Seatac Airport Valet - Airport Drop-Off Service: If you prefer parking your car at the airport but aren’t fond of the high airport parking prices, this off site service will fit your bill. You’ll park your car at the airport, and the valet will drive your car to the off-airport parking lot and keep it there until you come back. Upon your arrival, they’ll have your car ready for you, curbside at the terminal. They even have mini-detail services available. The lot is open from 5:30 till midnight.

Price: from $8.95/day
Distance from airport: 0 miles
Address: 17801 International Blvd, Seatac, Washington, US 98158

Motel 6 Seattle SEA - TAC Airport South: Sometimes you just need to drop your car off and catch a shuttle to the airport. This lot offers uncovered valet parking, and the shuttle runs every 5 minutes. No more worrying about parking or missing the shuttle to SEA. The lot also offers car care and car wash services.
Price: from $4.99/day
Distance from airport: 1.7 miles
Address: 18900 47th Ave South, SeaTac, Washington, US 98188

Parking at SeaTac (On-Airport)

With so many passengers passing through every year, SeaTac is quite a busy airport. It can be overwhelming to find parking, but there are definitely options. There are 5 different parking options at the SEA airport. Our goal is for your journey to be as smooth as possible, and we’ve given you all the different lots and rates listed to help make your decision.

Terminal Direct
This is the closest parking lot to the actual terminal, and it offers the most convenience to travelers wishing to park at the airport. It’s located on Floor 4.  
You can find SEA parking rates for the Terminal Direct below:
1 hour- $5.00
24-hour max -$37.00

General Parking
This general parking lot is found on floors 1-3 and 5-8. You can park there for up to 7 days in this lot, and it’s close to the terminals as well.
You can find SEA parking rates for the General Parking below:
1 hour- $4.00
24-hour max -$30.00
Long Term Rate -$140 (for 7 days)

Monthly Parking
If you want your car at the airport for more than just a week, you’ll want to park in this area.
You can find SEA parking rates for the Monthly Parking below:
Long Term Rate -$375/month

Corporate Parking
For those who travel often for work, this corporate parking package is available at a daily rate.
24-hour max -$22.00

Over-Height Parking (+6’10”)
Looking for a place to park your giant vehicle? This is the only lot that you can park an oversized vehicle at, and it is available hourly, daily and up to 7 days.
1 hour- $4.00
24-hour max -$30.00
Long Term Rate -$140 (for 7 days)

Cell Phone Lot
Need a place to wait for a friend or loved one? Maybe you got to the airport early or their plane got delayed. The Cell Phone Lot at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is an excellent place to stay put while you wait. Not only does the lot have free parking spaces to wait at for up to 20 minutes, but the airport also offers free Wi-Fi at the lot.

Charging Stations
Parking your electric car at SeaTac? You can charge it in Terminal Direct or on the 5th floor of General Parking. There are more than 40 charging spaces available in the garage. Although the EV charging stations at the Seattle airport are free to use, the standard parking fees still apply for parking.

Parking at the airport can be a time saver, but it can also be a huge money drainer. If you’re planning to park at the airport overnight, be sure you have a back-up plan in case the lots are at full capacity. You can also consider off-airport parking lots, a cheap and reliable way to keep your car secure while you’re away. Often, these parking lots have free shuttle transportation to the Seattle airport. We’ve collected the best parking close to SEA for your convenience.

Seattle Airport Parking Long Term

If you’d like to park your car for more than 7 consecutive days for a long stay at the airport, you can park at the Monthly Parking Lot. If you’ve ever parked at the airport, you know that it can get costly very quickly especially for SEA long term parking. Although sometimes parking at the airport is worth the convenience, there are so many off-airport lots in close proximity that they’re worth the consideration. They cater to short stay and long term parking. Some lots even offer discounted parking for those parking for extended periods of time.

Catching a late-night flight? Maybe you want to beat the morning traffic before your flight? You might want to consider a bundle package of airport parking and one night’s hotel stay.

SeaTac Airport Hotels

Bundle packages

Designed for business travelers, family travelers, and travelers who prioritize their efficiency and comfort, airport hotel bundle packages have been rising in popularity. These packages, called “parksleepfly” or “park and fly” packages, are offered by SeaTac airport hotels with parking available. They sell parking at a discounted rate and include one night’s sleep in the rate. A free shuttle service to the airport is typically included in the package as well. Often, these packages compete with the price of standalone parking deals.

You can find some of our best SEA airport hotel deals from ParkSleepFly below:

Comfort Inn & Suites Sea-Tac Airport: Included in your ParkSleepFly package at Comfort Inn are valet parking while you’re away and 24/7 shuttle to take you to SEA. Whether you’re spending the night at the beginning or end of your trip, you’ll appreciate the indoor hot tub for a bit of relaxation or the business center for some email-answering crunch time. There’s even a complimentary breakfast waiting for you in the morning. Distance from airport: 0.5 miles
Address: 19333 International Blvd, SeaTac, Washington, 98188 United States

Clarion Hotel: With morning and evening patrols and security cameras around the lighted parking lot, your car will be safe at this SEA airport hotel’s parking lot. Continental breakfast is available every morning, and an airport shuttle runs every hour to SeaTac. Need some last-minute dry cleaning done before your business trip? The hotel has a dry cleaning and laundry service available for use too!
Distance from airport: 5.0 miles
Address: 3700 E Valley Rd, Renton, Washington, 98057

Best Western Plus Plaza by the Green: Have the travel jitters? You can dispel any stress you have at this Best Western at their fitness center, hot tub or sauna. If you still need to put some finish touches your project proposal, you can work on it at the business center. The hotel also offers a shuttle to the airport from 4 a.m. until noon every day.
Distance from airport: 7.0 miles
Address: 24415 Russell Rd, Kent, Washington, 98032 United States

Econo Lodge SeaTac North: It’s hard to find hotels that accommodate pets, but Econo Lodge is one that welcomes furry friends. With all the necessary amenities in each room, you won’t have to go far to make coffee, microwave food or grab a snack from the mini-fridge. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free continental breakfast in the morning before you head out! Their shuttle runs 24/7 on demand to the Seattle airport.
Distance from airport: 1.5 miles
Address: 13910 Tukwila International Blvd, Tukwila, Washington, 98168 United States

Red Lion Hotel Seattle Airport: Just a stone’s throw away from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, this hotel is perfect for those worried about getting to the airport on time. You can rest assured you won’t miss your flight, especially with the complimentary on-demand airport shuttles available. There’s free Wi-Fi, clean beds and TV’s in every room.
Distance from airport: 0.5 miles
Address: 18220 International Blvd, Seattle, Washington, 98188 United States

Alternative Transportation to Seattle Airport

Car Services
If you like to ride with style, private car services can take you to the airport with luxury. Although they can be convenient, they are costly. To get a taxi from the airport, you can find the taxi stands on the third floor of the parking garage. Many taxis offer a flat rate to get downtown.

Although rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft are often prohibited from operating on airport premises, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport does allow for airport pickups and dropoffs through ridesharing services. If you’re taking an Uber or Lyft to SEA, you’ll be dropped off at either the Departures area or the Arrivals area depending on traffic patterns. If you’re calling a Lyft or Uber from SEA, you’ll want to wait for your ride at the pickup zone. You’ll find it on the parking garage’s third floor.

Shuttle Services
Budget-savvy travelers often opt for a shuttle service to SEA when getting to or from the airport, especially when they have a lot of luggage or are farther out from the airport. Shuttles offer more space for luggage than rideshare cars and cost less than most car services. They’re also great for bigger travel groups that don’t want to take multiple cars. With a shuttle-searching site like ShuttleFinder, you don’t have to do a deep search on your own. The service pulls up the best options according to your preferences from providers such as SuperShuttle. With their popular Blue Vans, there’ll definitely be room for everyone. It’s convenient and cheap.

Seattle Public Transportation

King Country Metro Transit Bus
If you’d like to take the King Count Metro bus to SeaTac, the RapidRide A, Route 180, and Route 156 will take you by the airport. The stop is by the Sound Transit Link Light Rail Station.

Sound Transit Bus
There are two bus routes, Route 560 and Route 574 that stop at SeaTac/Airport Station. These buses drop off at the main terminal and pick up at the same spot.

Seattle Airport Insider Tips

Picking Up At SEA
The best way to time your pickup when it comes to SEA is by waiting at the Cell Phone Lot. You can stay here for 20 minutes for free while waiting for your loved ones. It’ll save you from having to circle the airport Arrivals area repeatedly until your people come out.

Inside SEA
Security checkpoint wait times can make or break an airport experience. You can prepare yourself for the wait time through the Sea-Tac app, where you can see updated wait times for SeaTac security lines.

The inside of the airport is actually not too big. you’ll find a variety of food and drink options. There’s plenty of coffee shops to refuel on caffeine if you need an extra boost.

If you enjoy good airport art, you’ll appreciate SeaTac’s art collection. The art scattered throughout the airport can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. The Port of Seattle is on an app Called STQRY to help travelers find the different art collections as they explore the airport.

Local musicians perform every day at the Airport as well, giving travelers a chance to look into the different genres performed in the area.

There are SeaTac nursing suites throughout the airport available for nursing mothers who prefer to nurse in privacy. There’s also a play area between the A Concourse and B Concourse for those traveling with energetic children.

Always a good amenity, Wi-Fi at the Seattle airport is available and free.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Departures and Arrivals:

The international airport is divided into three different areas: the Main Terminal, the North Satellite, and the South Satellite. Councourses A-D are in the Main Terminal and Concourse N is in the North Satellite terminal; Concourse S is in the South Satellite terminal.   

SEA Airport Main Terminal

This terminal serves the following airlines:

Aer Lingus, Concourse A
Air Canada, Concourse A
American Airlines, Concourse D
Frontier Airlines, Concourse B
jetBlue Airways, Concourse A
Southwest Airlines, Concourse B
United Airlines, Concourse A

Sea Airport South Satellite

This terminal serves the following airlines

Air France
ANA (All Nippon Airways)
Asiana Airlines
British Airways
Hainan Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Korean Air
Thomas Cook Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
Xiamen Airlines

The following airlines do not have a set terminal to fly out of:

Alaska Airlines
Delta Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Sun Country Airlines

It Couldn't Be Easier

Parking Sign
Park Nearby the Airport.

Drop off your car at a safe and secure parking lot.

Free Shuttle to the Airport.

The lot's shuttle will pick you up and drop you off at the airport.

Fly Without Worrying About Rides.

Your car will be a shuttle ride away when you come back.